Notice of Grupo Ybarra Alimentación on Chard Ybarra

In relation to the communication disseminated today about the presence of estramonio (wild plant that grows in the field) in a batch of beets from the Ybarra brand, Grupo Ybarra Alimentación wants to clarify the following points:

– The incidence is limited exclusively to one bottle of batch number 18023 with the date of preferential consumption 11/16/2022 of the Ybarra chard in a glass bottle with a net weight of 660g after having analyzed the complete traceability of the product.

– All Ybarra beet units of the aforementioned batch 18023, with a preferred consumption date of 11/16/2022, have been voluntarily withdrawn from the shelves as a precautionary and precautionary measure, recommending for greater guarantees not to consume units of the aforementioned batch.

– Our company has rigorous internal and external controls that guarantee the quality and excellence of all the products it sells.

– Indicate that the facilities of Grupo Ybarra in Lodosa (Navarra) -established in the fertile lands of the Ribera del Ebro since 2000, with an area of ​​more than 17,000 square meters and an annual production that exceeds 17 million kilos of vegetables and 30 million jars, since 2017 with the certification of the BRC Food standard (British Retail Consortium), being the only canning factory in Spain that holds it and that has the highest standards of quality and food safety.

Finally, Grupo Ybarra Alimentación wants to send a message of tranquility to its consumers, regretting the inconvenience caused, reiterating that it is a controlled incident and, in no case, affects the rest of the brand’s vegetables that can be consumed with total guarantee, making available to the consumer the telephone number 955.67.50.60 and the e-mail