Oriental salad

Oriental salad with bean, carrot, corn, bamboo, mushroom and pepper sprouts that allows to exalt the flavor of many dishes. Nutritional Facts

Tropical Salad

Tropical salad with corn, pineapple, carrot, celery, palm kernel and pepper that can enhance the flavor of many dishes with its originality. Nutritional Facts


Artichokes in halves that retain all their nutrients and properties. Perfect to use in side dishes and all kinds of dishes. Nutritional Facts


Thistle is a perfect vegetable to make healthy and original recipes (with almonds, ham or bechamel) or use in salads. Nutritional Facts


Vegetable that is enjoyed all year round and perfect for all kinds of dishes such as stews, creams, batters or cakes. Nutritional Facts


100% natural spinach. Perfect to use in traditional dishes (stews, fried, etc.) and original (smoothies or creams). Nutritional Facts

Green beans

100% natural flat green beans. Perfect to use in side dishes and in a multitude of healthy dishes (creams, stews or salads). Nutritional Facts


Whole potatoes perfect for use in side dishes and all kinds of dishes (creams, gratins, stews). Nutritional Facts

Olives Jar

Ybarra offers this package of olives for your whole family, with a variety of entire manzanilla olives, boneless olives and olives stuffed with piquillo peppers. Nutritional Facts