Our Company



Ybarra is synonymous with quality, experience and innovation. Our more than 175 years of history give us the necessary knowledge to be present in a competitive market and always keep us in continuous transformation.

We offer a wide variety of products based on selection. We have current production systems and strict quality controls. In our privileged geographical location, such as Andalusia, our expert tasters select the best olive oils.

We are specialists in the preparation of mayonnaise and sauces, offering a complete variety where only top quality ingredients are used. We also make and pack vinegars, olives and vegetables.

At Grupo Ybarra Alimentación, we maintain our commitment and constant concern to offer the best quality of our products. We have high-quality analysis and control laboratories, as well as constant research for new products.

We export to the whole world a philosophy of life as far as food is concerned, highlighting the famous and recognized Mediterranean Diet and the excellence of olive oil. Ybarra is committed to innovation and adapts in each product to the new lifestyles of consumers, which makes it a benchmark brand in the food sector in Spain and worldwide.